Thursday, July 22, 2010

Small Things .......

All she wanted was for her shoes to stay on. Her shoelaces were broken, and she had no way of getting any, so while she was telling me her needs in intake, she mentioned the laces. Since we stash all kinds of odds and ends at Hope House (we are always sure someone will need it!), I told her I would check it out while she was shopping. Five minutes later, I found her in the house wares room and handed her a brand new package of laces. Her face broke out in such a smile! “You are awesome!”, she practically shouted. Such a small item to cause such great happiness, and yet, it is the small that we specialize in at Hope House:

• Depends for the mother of the special needs teenage son.
• Dental floss for a homeless man with poor dental health.
• A pair of warm gloves or socks on a cold day.
• A can of formula for a baby with a sensitive system.
• A candle for those living in the woods.
• A small knick knack of some kind to brighten a small apartment.
• Bath salts for a mother with no funds to spend on herself.
• “Chapter” books for young person just learning to love reading.
• A new teddy bear or other stuffed animal for a child with no toys.
• A package of cake mix for a birthday cake for a child.
• A can opener for someone living in their car or a motel.
• A smile and hug for those worried about loved ones who are ill.
• The promise of a prayer for the same.

Mother Theresa said “Do small things with great love.”

We love Mother Theresa.

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