Thursday, April 15, 2010

Angels among us.

A few days ago, one of our long-time clients came in with a huge problem. His belongings were in a storage locker and he owed over $900 to the storage facility. At this point, they were in the process of getting ready to sell his stuff out from under him, and he was frantically trying to find financial help to keep them. He came in knowing Hope House does not offer financial assistance, but hoping that we might call the storage facility and put in a good word for him. Since I have known this client for several years, I called the manager of the facility to see if anything could be done about putting the whole sale on hold. She assured me she had worked with him as far as she could, and that day was his last chance to pay. Vincent thanked us for our efforts and left.

So today, who should walk in the door with a smile on his face but Vincent! He said good came out of that bad day last week, and he would share it with me in the intake interview. When it was his turn to be interviewed, he proceeded to tell the wonder that was his reality last week. The day the storage crisis was happening, when he left Hope House, he boarded a bus for home. While on the bus, he was telling an acquaintance about his troubles, thinking he had lost his belongings. However, a gentleman on the bus asked him to get off at the next stop with him. This gentleman proceeded to take him to the bank and write him a check for $500 to give the storage facility. The unknown angel’s reasoning? He and his late wife always felt that since you can’t take it with you, you should use it for the greater good.

Never doubt that angels walk among us!

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